What I can do for you.

As a CMP certified copywriter, I have been trained and have experience writing a wide range of copy. As I’m IFA certified, I know my way around balance sheets, annual reports, mortgage agreements, customer fact finds and whole host of other financial documents. And since I’ve studied marketing at degree level, I’ve got a real grasp on marketing strategy, branding, tone of voice and a number of other fancy marketing concepts.

This puts me in a unique position and allows me to offer a vast number of services. As such, this list is not exhaustive. It’s just my bread and butter. What I do best. If there’s anything extra you want to discuss, from marketing or social media strategy to consultancy work, click the link below and get in touch. I pride myself on integrity and will not take work on that I cannot complete to a high standard.

Engaging content that attracts readers, turns them into subscribers and converts them to buyers. One-off articles or ongoing blogs written with reader intent in mind.

Professional and well-polished website copy that gives an excellent customer experience, reinforces brand identity and guides readers where you want them to go.

Email headlines that don’t get lost in the noise of a busy ‘box, content that gets you into the coveted whitelist, and newsletters that customers get excited to read.

Thorough proofreading for content clangers, sub-optimal structure and grammatical goofs. Copy-editing to put these things right and improve the flow and clarity of the piece. Or full rewriting only if absolutely necessary.

Authoritative white papers that present novel problems and answer them elegantly. Well-crafted case studies that showcase your best successes. And ebooks that show you are a leading voice in your field while advancing your subscriber list.

Microcopy that’s macro-powerful. Social media captions that appeal but without over-promoting. And pay-per-click ads that pack a feature-punch but still maintain your brand’s tone of voice.