Microcopy, Social Media Posts & PPC Ads

Sometimes, less is more.

A few powerful words, precisely combined, can hit with the force of a steam train. Or a feather, depending on the need.

What it is: short-form content

Short-form content must be snappy and precise. It has such a limited opportunity to make an impression, that every word counts.

Some of the main examples of short-form content are:

  • Microcopy
  • Social media posts
  • Pay per click ads
  • Brand names

And each one has to be careful designed with the end user in mind to ensure maximum impact.

Why it's important: minimum noise, maximum impact

Microcopies are the tiny little touches that add depth and character to a user interface. They make transactional processes feel more personal, and can be a huge factor in conversion rate and customer retention.

Social media posts give your brand a personality, and when done well can generate exceptional returns. As such they require is a well-planned strategy to ensure maximum results.

Pay per click ads need to pack a punch, but usually you’re very limited on space, and on customer attention spans. This is where you need to get creative to ensure great returns on your investment.

And branding is another beast entirely. It requires a lot of thought to ensure the finished piece says exactly what your company, product or service is about, without explicitly saying it. This is a massive task, and a vitally important one that is always worth taking the time to get right.

I can integrate with what you’ve got already, or start from scratch to develop effective short-form content that maximises your success.

How it works: the short-form content creation process

My engagement process is the same for whatever work I’m doing:

  1. Initial enquiry – the part I’m hoping you’ll do shortly where you fill in my contact form with as many details as you can.
  2. Clarification – I get back to you to answer questions and get missing pieces.
  3. Quotation – I send you what it’s going to cost.
  4. Proposal – If you agree, I send you a full agreement outlining exactly what I’ll do for you, when, and how much I’ll charge.
  5. Brief – I pick up the finer details of the project to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

This process generally doesn’t take too long, around an hour of commitment from your end in total, including all five steps. Once this has been agreed, I can get to work on the creative process:

  1. Research – I conduct the necessary research required on the topic.
  2. Writing – I mix potions, cast spells and conjure mythical creatures and throw everything at a whiteboard to see what sticks.
  3. First draft – Depending on the type of short-form content, I prove a draft or multiple options.
  4. Revision(s) – If there are any elements that you feel are unsuitable, I will revise the piece up to three times.
  5. Final draft – I submit my final draft alongside my final invoice, within budget and on time, every time.
Note: if this is the first time we’ve done business, I may ask for 50% of the fee upfront.

How much it costs: content pricing

Writing effective short-form content can take a surprisingly long time. Some of the factors impacting this are:

  • The type of short-form content and where it will be seen
  • How much needs to be packed into a short space
  • How long it’ll take me in hours or days
  • When it’s needed by

It’s for this reason that I always propose a project-based quote to ensure a fair deal for both of us. That said, the following can be used as a guide.

  • £30 hourly rate
  • £225 daily rate
  • £150 for adding/improving the microcopy on 2-3 simple web pages
  • £180 for a short social media campaign that doesn’t require complex research
  • £180 for writing a three-part PPC ad campaign
  • POA for branding as the scope and commitment can vary wildly
For a reference guide, the average UK copywriter charged £349 per day in 2019, and that’s without background in finance or often even a professional copywriting qualification or marketing degree.

What is included: why it's worth it

Included within the price is the following:

  • Full 10-step process listed above, contracts drawn up, phone calls/emails and all back and forth
  • All research required which can be extensive and time-consuming
  • For microcopy: multiple options can be presented depending on the project
  • For social media posts: an image, the latest SEO skills, and keyword/hashtag research
  • For PPC ads: the latest SEO skills and keyword research
  • For branding: extensive research and consulting, multiple brainstorming sessions and suggestions
  • My unique experience working within financial services including IFA qualification
  • My copywriting diploma from CMP, the gold standard for copywriting
  • Experience from studying marketing at degree level
  • Five years of business writing experience both within finance and as a freelancer
  • Professional indemnity insurance
If you’ve got any more questions, or if you’d like to obtain a no obligation quote, please click the link below. Let us get to work in building your online presence, attracting readers and converting them into satisfied customers.