Engaging content.

Professional website copy.

Specifically for the fintech industry.

Written by an experienced copywriter and qualified IFA.

Your customers are waiting.

(They just don’t know it yet.)

Nobody wants to be sold. And in spite of what you may have heard, copywriting isn’t about selling.

It’s about speaking the language of your customers so they understand how your product or service will benefit them. And it’s about giving them the information they need so they can take action.

With fintech products and services especially, the quality of this information is absolutely crucial. And it must be carefully presented. That’s where I come in.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left” – Seth Godin

I'm Terry, IFA qualified copywriter and owner of Proper Copy.

Terry Downie, owner of Proper Copy, with qualification badges

I write:

  • Original content that creates authority
  • Professional website copy that engages and converts
  • Email marketing to drive product and service offerings
  • Short form copy: social media campaigns and pay per click ads
  • Long-form copy: white papers, case studies & ebooks

I also make sure:

  • The latest SEO advice is followed
  • Keyword research is properly done
  • Content matches with reader intent
  • A consistent brand voiceis maintained
  • I stay on top of fintech trends




Content that aligns with reader intentions for the absolute best results.

Here’s some of what I can do for you:

Content with Intent

SEO-optimised long-form content marketing. Isn’t that a mouthful? Well I thought it was too, so I’ve coined a new term: content with intent. And it represents Proper Copy’s values so much, I decided to make it the company tag-line.

Content with intent is exactly what it says it is. Content with purpose in mind. And whether that’s to position yourself as thought leader in your field, build an enviable subscriber list or convert more of your readers into paying customers, writing Content with Intent is what I do best. 

Effective Web Copy

Website copy seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world, right? Well, so does day trading. And I hear enough horror stories from both groups to know they’re a gamble that you don’t want to be on the losing end of.

Professional web copy is often the first impression new customers get of your business. As such, it needs to be carefully planned, aligned to a site-wide marketing strategy and very well-polished to ensure maximum results.

Clickable Email Marketing

There are few absolute rules in marketing, but I believe this comes close: build a subscriber list, no matter what. Email marketing is targeted, cost-effective, renewable, measurable and can be personalised. What more do you want?

It’s also very easy to get wrong, as so many emails compete for the attention of your readers. One poorly written email can result in swarms of unsubscribes.

I write strong, stand-alone emails or effective email series’ that begin with catchy titles and end with clicks and conversions

Proofreading or
Copy Editing

Sometimes, businesses don’t want to spend the money on dedicated content writers, so it’s done in-house. This can pose two problems. First, producing enough content to be effective. Second, the standard of the writing might not be high enough to compete with professional writers in your field.

As a first step towards outsourcing, or as a compromise, I can proofread or copy edit single pieces of content, individual web pages or your full online presence. I would then provide unbiased feedback that can be used to inform and direct your copy moving forward.

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Copy that is appropriate, suitable and fit for purpose.